Where Are My Appliances?!?!

Episode 5 April 16, 2021 00:23:38
Where Are My Appliances?!?!
FBS: The Podcast
Where Are My Appliances?!?!

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Rodney Christiansen Jeannie Zindler-Miles

Show Notes

If you’ve spent any time shopping for new appliances recently, you might have noticed that the lead times for most products are looking pretty excessive. Waiting a few weeks on a custom order is par for the course, but even the most basic models are seeing extended delays (and custom orders can be as far out as 6-8 months!).

We know that delays are a COVID related issues, but we also know people are past hearing that as an excuse. What does “It’s because of COVID” even mean? Here at Factory Builder Stores, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and service to our customers, so we decided to record this Podcast episode to give you a clearer picture of where the issues lie.

We also wrote a blog post link: https://factorybuilderstores.com/where-are-my-appliances/

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